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William Wallace Cook was born in Marshall, Michigan, in He was the author of a memoir, The Fiction Factory, as well as dozens of Westerns and. His effort resulted in an astonishing 1, plot scenarios, and Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots was born. A how-to manual for plot, hailed by the Boston Globe . Start by marking “Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots” as Want to Read: A classic how-to manual, William Wallace Cook’s Plotto is one writer’s personal method, painstakingly diagrammed for the benefit of others. What if someone wrote out all the plot points for stories from 1 to.

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Plotto The Master Book Of All Plots

Let all this be catalogued in a loose-leaf book under the Conflict numbers to which 12 Plotto Chart: Master plots with Interchangeable Clauses 'A" Clauses ' B". You are an author about write a story. How shall it begin? Perhaps there is a single, basic plot: a conflict that needs to be resolved. Perhaps. Abstract. Pulp fiction author William Wallace Cook published Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots in , which contains almost. plot fragments and.

William Wallace Cook was born in Marshall, Michigan, in He was the author of a memoir, The Fiction Factory, as well as dozens of Westerns and science-fiction novels, many of which were adapted into films. He spent five years composing Plotto before finally publishing it in Cook died in his hometown of Marshall in Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? First, the master plot. This four-page chart distills the most basic plot points into a three-line sentence. Next, the conflict situation. There are over 2, unique conflict situations in the book, and each is cross-referenced with designs for how the situation might have started, or where it might go. Read more Read less. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Plotto Instruction Booklet:

I have no idea. Before you judge me about how did I not just escape. This is a stupid reason. She also had a taser, and it hurt pretty bad when she used it. She shrugs. Thank you. We were raised properly. Manners-wise at least. I wonder sometimes if her parents are still alive, are they wandering around upstairs, watching Pawn Shop reality shows or whatever it is that her parents would watch on TV while about fifteen feet below them is a nearing middle-aged man spending his days sitting on a putrid looking sofa staring at faux-wood paneling and asking himself if he is grateful to still be alive.

Why did you want to die?

Or in a car accident. Or storm comes and you are trapped in a flash-flood, and while trying to get out of your car a tree branch falls and kills you.

It happens. A can falls on your head at a grocery store. Two tweakers rob the liquor store while you are in it, and you get caught between them and the clerk shooting it out. A satellite falls to Earth and hits you. There are many ways to die everyday. I also have all of my groceries delivered.

Have you heard of the internet? It can do amazing things. So why were you going to do it? I found this out later, because there were no mirrors in the basement.

Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots

I guess I could tell you how long I was in the basement. This would have been fairly easy, right? I know, and that is all that matters to me. I never really told her why I was going to kill myself, not because it was some big fucking secret, but it was the only thing I could think of doing that would irritated her, and I was more than a little put-out being a prisoner here in a basement. She had brought me a TV and even allowed me to have cable, with the warning that I better not try to hang myself with the cord.

I should have been something: surprised, shocked, incredulous? Nothing was shocking me any longer. Not about her. Not about that I was being held captive in a suburban basement, not that my life had led me to this ridiculous state I was in. Marriage vows are sacred.

And that is important. You need to be true to your word. Marriage vows were important. She seemed satisfied by the answer. And since she never asked I never told her that I was already married. The master book of all plots? I'm pretty sure I can think of one or maybe that aren't in here, but I'll blame it on the ancient original date of publication. Is this book a masterful collection of lots of standard plots? Hell yes. Is this book great to have handy when you're stuck for an idea?

Will this book help you pen your latest masterpiece? Will this book help you write a "plot a day" tweet on Twitter? Example plot: A's enemy, A-3, is a connoisseur of wines.

A, by working on A-3's pride as a connoisseur of wines, lures him into a wine vault where he is faced with death. Though I found the coding system a bit odd why "A" for a male protagonist and "B" for a female, instead of "M" and "F"? If you want to completely categorize all possible plots, I'm sure that time and technology will eventually produce others not listed here, but it sure is fun trying to figure out which sub-plot they might fit into.

Highly recommended as a source of entertainment at literati parties, if not a daily reference manual. Kindle Edition Verified download. To just read this book is not enough you have to use it and study it to get the most out of it. This book will not write your stories for you. It will help you brainstorm for the ideas you find most useful to your story and from their you can develop them further to make them stand out.

It is interesting to note that famous movie directors like Alfred Hitchcock used this book to help him craft some very memorable movies.

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I really like the array of possibilities you can have for your story threads and this book helps you explore those threads to see if you can use them to help create your story. Some of the different senarios presented need to be updated to modern times, but you will know from your own expereince what they should be and can compensate for them.

The book offers the reader who likes to create stories a way to have some fun changing the way their story would develop and play out. I like to use the ideas presented to help me think up new ideas and even reverse the ones presented and see how the story would flow.

If you like to create and try different ideas this book may help you do just that for your story ideas. This is a fun book if for narrative nerds, but it's also fun just to see how relationships are structured in stories.

I'd say it's a go-to for writer's block. It's not so much a how-to as it is a reference book. One person found this helpful. Plotto: The Master Book of All Plots (): William Wallace Cook: Books

This is not a "how to book. I understand that there is a workbook that goes with it that I may download to make more sense of the pages and pages of lists of plot ideas.

It will take some work to really see how it can help me as I write my novel. Might be good for generating ideas. Upon receiving this, I flicked through the pages, scratched my head and left it on the shelf for four months.

The sheer amount of numbers and codes was enough for my creative mind to explode. November and National Novel Writing Month is nearly upon us again and I have ideas, but I'm yet again stuck in a rut with plot sequencing.

I have no idea how to get character A into sequence X to meet up with character B and round out my conflict situation. Cue Plotto. A few days ago, I finally pulled it down off my bookshelf and really read over the introduction, the short biography of the author and the general how to of how the the book works.

Huh, well, now I'm intrigued. I decide just for kicks, I'm going with a master plot.

Three hours later, I have a leg covered in sticky tags, marker on my hands, and a strong desire to know what's next, what's next?!!? Now, don't get me wrong, the book is rather archaic in some of it's wording it's written in the twenties for crying out loud , BUT it's fully adaptable for modern writing. There's absolutely no reason you can't tweak it so you're writing the next big YA novel god forbid.

There Are 1,462 Possible Plots for Your Book

The numbers and symbols can also be a little mind bending at first, and I'm sure the reference pages are a little worn, but you really do have to be persistent with learning the ways of the pages.

It's nothing I won't work for though. I mean, I grew up in the age of the card catalogues and microfiches. You can certainly learn this stuff with no problem. I really enjoy it. It's like someone else mentioned with those choose your own adventure books.

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So fun and rewarding, when you get to see what happens to your characters! This is SUCH a great reference book to have on hand for any aspiring writer.

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