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    Website: fviropluravor.gq / fviropluravor.gq .. Annual Report xiii. the Company or its RTA or download the same from the. Company's. UltraTech has been building upon its financial strength which is reflected in the performance of .. PRODUCTION (Quantity). - Clinker. Mn.T. Company or its RTA or download the same from. UltraTech Cement Limited and its subsidiaries have an annual capacity of 66 million tonnes, making it UltraTech's subsidiaries are Dakshin Cements Limited , Harish Cements Limited, Gotan Lime Stone Download Report , Quarterly Compliance Reports , Corporate Governance Report (FY ).

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    Ultratech Cement Annual Report 2012 Pdf Download

    Report on Ultratech Cement - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNTS BALANCE SHEET CASH FLOW .. CAPITAL BUDGETING Ultratech Cements (2). Ultratech Cement Price Per Bag Ultratech Cement Annual Report Pdf. Balance Sheet of UltraTech Cement in Rs. Download Annual Report PDF. UltraTech Cement Middle East Investments Limited. Read the Director's report for ULTRATECH CEMENT covering its Financial Results 1,/t to Rs, 1,/t, although diesel prices were up about 13% for the year, .. and remitting the matter to CCI for fresh adjudication of the issue and Download our Mobile App; Available on Google Play · Available on App Store.

    Nagesh Rao Academic Associate: Ms. Next, the key indicators of performance for cement industry are defined. Further, key trends in the cement industry and future growth drivers are identified and are later used in company analysis. In the second part, ACC limited is analyzed and its company profile is created. It is the second largest cement company in India and has a strong product portfolio. It also augments its services by reaching out to customers via various initiatives like help vans, centers, literature etc. It also has a fairly strong product portfolio and has well distributed presence in southern, central and western part of India. During the lean financial year of , though its sales fell more than industry average still the fall in its capacity utilization was less than the industry average. Merger with Samruddhi in , increased its net fixed assets and gave it a presence in northern India as well. Due to the merger, its turnover per employee also fell but it may be considered a temporary phenomenon. Post-merger, its ROCE also fell significantly. This may be due to better human resource management, and technical advantages that UltraTech may be having and ACC should try to improve on these fronts.

    Rations help to summaries large quantities of financial data and to make qualitative judgment about the firm's financial performance.

    It measures the firm's liquidity. The point to note is that a ratio reflecting a quantitative relationship helps to form a qualitative judgment. Short term creditors main interest is I the liquidity position or short term solvency of the firm.

    Long term creditors on the other hand are more interested in the long term solvency and profitability of the firm. Similarly, owners concentrate on the firm's profitability and financial condition.

    Management is interested in evaluating every aspect of the firm's performance. Liquidity ratios measures the ability of the firm to meet its current obligations in fact, analysis of liquidity needs the preparation of cash budgets and cash and fund flow statements; but liquidity ratios, by establishing a relationship between cash and other current assets to current obligations, provide a quick measure of liquidity. The long-term creditors would judge the soundness of a firm on the basis of the long-term financial strength measured in terms of its ability to pay the interest regularly as well as repay the installment of the principal on due dates on in one lump sum at the time of maturity.

    Profits are essential but it would be wrong to assume that every action initiated by management of a company should be aimed at maximizing profits, irrespective of social consequences.

    Profit is the difference between revenues and expenses over a period of time. Profit is the ultimate output of a company and it will have no future if it fails to make sufficient profits.

    Generally, there are two types of profitability ratios: 1. Profitability in relation to sales. Profitability in relation to investment. These ratios show how fast the assets are being turned in to sales. The turnover ratio is a test of relationship between sales and the various assets of the firm like stock, debtors, current assets, fixed assets or total assets. The current ratio is a measure of firm's short term solvency.

    It implies that for every one rupee of current liabilities, current assets of 0. The current ratio for the year and are 0. As compared to the ideal ratio , the liquidity position is no better because the company has large amount of creditors.

    In short the company does not have enough working capital to meet their day to day requirements.

    It is also known as acid test ratio. Towards this end, your Company has developed several new products and additives that aid in limestone conservation, energy savings. It also enhances the durability of concrete and concrete structures. Your Company continues to maximize the use of industrial by-products slag, fly ash, waste gypsum and alternative fuels petcoke, solid and liquid chemical wastes while maintaining high quality product attributes and functionality.

    Current projects undertaken by ABSTCPL scientists include the use of computational or modeling methods for enhancing cement process productivity. To facilitate this future-readiness, your Company has been focusing on effective skill building and development programs that equip its work-force take on larger and higher roles. As part of the development initiative, a number of employees were rotated from their existing roles to new roles. Several initiatives to engage its employees were taken.

    Their effectiveness is reflected as improvement in Employee Engagement scores in The Technical Training Centre drove technical effectiveness and business simulation programs for various levels of managers.

    Sustainability reports

    As on 31st March, , your Company''''s employee strength stood at 14, employees 14, employees. The safety of the people working for and on behalf of your Company is an integral part of business.

    Your Company''''s Managing Director chairs the Safety Board, which reviews the safety performance of your Company on a regular basis.

    In addition, there are eight safety sub-committees headed by senior leaders to closely monitor various key performance indicators related to safety. Rajashree Birla. The other Members of the Committee are Mr.

    Dave, Independent Director, Mr. Puranmalka, Non-Executive Director and Mr. Maheshwari, Managing Director. Various activities have been initiated during the year in neighboring villages around its Units resulting in a spend of '''' Your Company has also identified projects under the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, work on which is being carried out in all earnest.

    Your Company is in the process of making an application for the transfer of mines under the State Government''''s new policy related to transfer of mining lease. The audited financial statements of your Company''''s subsidiaries and joint venture viz. Any Member, who is interested in obtaining a copy of the audited financial statements of your Company''''s subsidiaries may write to the Company Secretary at the Registered Office of your Company. In accordance with the provisions of Section 3 of the Act, read with the Companies Accounts Rules, , a report on the performance and financial position of each of the subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures is attached as Annexure IV to this Report.

    In accordance with the provisions of Section 12 of the Act read with the Companies Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel Rules, , the names and other particulars of employees drawing remuneration in excess of the limits set out in the aforesaid Rules, forms part of this Report. However, in line with the provisions of Section 1 of the Act, the Report and Accounts as set out therein, are being sent to all Members of your Company excluding the aforesaid information.

    Any Member, who is interested in obtaining these particulars, may write to the Company Secretary at the Registered Office of your Company. The financial statements reflect fairly the form and substance of transactions carried out during the year under review and reasonably present your Company''''s financial condition and results of operations.

    Your Directors confirm that: i. Bhargava and Mr. Series 1 9. Its demand is also regional in nature. Since it is a high volume and low value commodity, and has high transportation costs, it becomes economically unviable to transport it over large distances Crisil Research, Indian government has been taking steps to deregulate the cement industry post — Exhibit - 5 and currently the industry is completely deregulated and is governed by market forces.

    The new pricing policy adopted by Coal India Limited w. January 1, is likely to increase coal prices by percent.

    In fact, as of , Herfindahl — Hirschman Index HHI indicator representative of the extent of competition in the industry was.

    Annual Reports

    This coupled with limited availability of raw material limestone and coal, restrict the entry in this industry. Crisil Research, www. Therefore buyer power is low. The management control of the company was taken over by the Swiss group Holcim in and subsequently, the name of the company was changed to ACC limited.

    About us: Heritage, The company owns 15 cement manufacturing plants spread across the geography of the country and it has 6 subsidiaries ACC Ltd. Top 10 cement companies in India, The services provided by the company are supplemented through the following initiatives to reach out to its customers: 1.

    ACC Help Centres: to provide personal guidance about the appropriate construction practices 2.

    Report on Ultratech Cement | Economies | Business Economics

    ACC Help Literature: easy-to-understand construction guides 3. ACC Help Vans: a mobile help service. The experts in the vans assist the customers at their sites 4. This is because the capacity has grown at a CAGR of Even the capacity growth rate has fallen from a high of This fall in the capacity addition and utilization can be attributed to the fall in the overall demand for cement in the country during the period of as mentioned in the industry analysis.

    Net fixed assets and asset turnover ratio: The growth in the net fixed assets of the company has been falling since , and there was a slight fall of 0. The falling asset turnover ratio indicates that the company has not been very effective in utilizing its assets for revenue generation. Turnover per employee: The number of employees at ACC has remained almost constant since , but the turnover per employee has risen from 0.

    This indicates that ACC has been able to improve the productivity of its human resources Exhibit - 9. Financial Parameters 1. This fall may be attributed to the rising input costs for cement production. The falling ROCE of the company is an indicator of the difficult operating environment of the company due to rise in input prices and increased competition.

    During the year , consumption of electrical energy was reduced by 2. ACC Ltd. Ultratech holds seventh rank worldwide in cement production and has 11 integrated cement manufacturing facilities and one white cement plant. UltraTech is also the largest producer of White Cement in India. The asset turnover ratio of UltraTech has remained stable at 1. This trend may be temporary as the company is going through a transition phase after merger.

    The falling ROCE of the company is an indicator of the poor demand due to economic recession, rise in input prices and increased competition. Annual Report UltraTech. To gain consumer insights it conducts regular brand health monitoring studies of various critical issues like awareness, usages pattern, equity indices, and psycho-economic mix of target group.

    The supply-demand mismatch is expected to continue for next two years. Though part of it has been offset by efficiency improvement from

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