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For Mikan, there was no better friend than Hotaru (though Hotaru sometimes seems to have other sentiments), and the two often played together. But Hotaru is a very special child, and she agrees to go to a school in Tokyo which the government reserved only for geniuses. Gakuen Alice Manga - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. alice academy. Mikan is officially admitted into Alice Academy, but things s I came to these manga by the anime, having been introduced to the charming series by my.

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Alice Academy Manga Pdf

FREE DOWNLOAD ANIME & MANGA This blog is a sites for download Anime and manga .. 09/22/ [MU] MANGA Gakuen Alice [Megaupload]. Read Read Gakuen Alice manga | Download Gakuen Alice comics manga online . Free! No download or registration required. Gakuen Alice also known as Alice Academy or Alice School, is a Japanese manga series . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Shelves: finished-in I gave this volume a four instead of a five, because the intensity and plot declines in this book. This volume is more of a transition between the first story arc, and some of the plot are a little filler-ish. I still really enjoyed this volume and the series on a whole, just this volume is a little more set up after the initial bang. Going back and reading this series, I realize that the detailing of the world and the plot is a little self-indulgent and immature, but I feel like this writer doe I gave this volume a four instead of a five, because the intensity and plot declines in this book. Going back and reading this series, I realize that the detailing of the world and the plot is a little self-indulgent and immature, but I feel like this writer does it well. Somehow Higuchi-sensei makes this world and all her details work, they don't feel false or stupid or wrong. I don't know how else to explain it but that. Let me try an example. There are a lot of technicalities about this world, how powers work and the limitations, that could come off as the author jumping through hoops to create certain situations, but it works here. Does that make sense? I don't know. Basically this author is a good writer, and her self indulgent moments that could feel false instead are endearing and enrich the world. I know they're special but still

Since it is not available in mangafox. Thank you so much!

Gakuen Alice Manga

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This Site Might Help You. I don't know about downloading but there are couple sites where it's should be online: I read it on onemanga.

Existing questions. Of course, there are better shojo out there, one most resembling this is Shugo Chara. But as a person who rarely reads shojo manga this was a huge disappointment.

I always passed the shelf with this series in the library and I never took notice of it until one day when I pulled out volume 2 yes, I started with volume 2 because I couldn't find volume 1. And now that I'm reading volume 24, I can easily say. I LOVE this series!! I am madly, passionately, and irrevocably in love with it! Which is why I'm super happy to say that Gakuen Alice is my first 5-star-rated manga on goodreads.

I love the art and plot of Gakuen Alice.

Gakuen Alice, Vol. 02

The series starts out with a girl named Mikan Sakura who loves her best friend, Hotaru, to death. But when Hotaru decides to be sent to an elite academy where she won't be able to see Mikan, Mikan swipes her grandfather's stash of money and runs to Tokyo where she knows she'll find the academy.

When Mikan arrives to the academy, the first person she meets at the academy is Narumi, a teacher that teaches within the academy. He states that only certain children may enter the academy, but he notices something about Mikan that makes her eligible to be accepted in the academy. The academy is called "Alice Academy", an academy for child prodigies with gifts called "Alices", which are supernatural powers.

Ever since Mikan gets accepted into the academy, she endures all sorts of adventures. I classify this series as a comedy, romance, drama, and fantasy.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

It's one of my absolute favorite manga in the entire universe and I definitely encourage shoujo fans to read it. Reasons why Theresa gives this series a perfect five-star rating: 1.

Believable Character Emotions I can't spoil any of the romance for you guys, but the romance that does occur in this book wasn't hurried and smooshed into the first few volumes. The two characters I cannot mention their names, I'm sorry!! Love isn't smooshed together in the first week of the setting.

Love isn't rushed, based purely on looks, and in Gakuen Alice's romances, one loves the other even if they have the biggest flaws. I love Higuchi's romance for Gakuen Alice.

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